The Shredded Army


The article below explains how qualified fitness enthusiast can start earing money from a promotional partnership with our brand. 



What is The Shredded Army?

The Shredded Army is a collective of like mindded individuals set on promoting fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Our members promote Shred Sets, at every chance they get, for 10% of sales revenue! When we earn money, you do too. 



  • Must have multi social media outlets with a follower base of over 500 (cumulative)

  • Frequently engage on social media (at least twice a day) 

  • Represent fitness and a healthy lifestyle 


Becoming a Member 

Step 1. Send us an email at Include in the email: your name (first and last), your current geographic location (city, state, country), links to your main social media outlets, and a brief description of why you are interested in becoming a member.

Step 2. Wait for an email back from us letting you know if you have been accepted or declined.

step 3. Provide us with your PayPal information (this is where transaction will occur).

Once you have completed the above steps you will be a member of The Shredded Army! We will further provide you with specific information on how to promote and answer any questions you may have via email.